Iv ICPN - RIO DE JANEIRO/RJ, december 6th to 10th, 2021

Free Will, Agency and Ethical Implications


The theater of the Cultural Centre of Federal Justice in Rio de Janeiro

The official venue for the IV International Colloquium on Philosophy of Neuroscience was, as originally planned, (the theater of) the Cultural Centre of Federal Justice. The building is located in the very heart of downtown Rio de Janeiro and it is an attraction in itself. It is a historical heritage building, which was first the Archiepiscopal Palace of Brazil and, then, was acquired by the federal government to be the Brazilian Supreme Court Palace. The Supreme Court functioned there from 1909 up to 1960, when Brasilia was built and Rio lost the status of capital city of the country. The building was designed by Spanish architect Adolfo Morales de los Rios, has stained glasses from Belgian artist François Frank Urban and Italo-Brazilian artist Gastão Formenti and hardwood doors hand-carved by Brazilian artist Manuel Ferreira Tunes, just to cite some of the artists that contributed with the various exquisite architectural details of the building.

Due to the pandemics and other personal issues of some of the speakers, our conference occurred in a hybrid format to accommodate everyone’s needs and make everyone’s participation viable. Although, having the in-person venue there was strategic, as the area is accessible by subway, buses, trolley, cabs, vans, Uber (and other platforms alike) and it even has a rack of rental public bikes just in front of it. Also, the building has as its neighbors other important historical heritage buildings as the National Library, the National Museum of Fine Arts, The Municipal Theater and The Rio de Janeiro City Council Palace.

Rio Branco Avenue, 241 – Centro – Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Postal code: 20040-009

A number of bus lines lead to the CCJF. By metro, the visitor may leave by the “Pedro Lessa” exit at Cinelândia station to reach the destination.

To arrive by VLT, take any of the vehicles from Line 1 (the blue line) and leave at Cinelândia station.